Identity Design

What actually makes you happy?



The fitness industry is growing unstoppably. Health has been among the top 2 in the German value index for years and is a global megatrend. Spending on health has almost doubled in Germany since 2000 to date. There are currently more than 9,000 fitness studios in Germany. Social trends and a change in values define fitness and healthy satisfaction as part of a happy life. Well-being instead of competition. Perceiving the body instead of optimizing it. Storytelling instead of cold weight benches. The fitness studio is becoming more and more a place of personal lifestyle.


Rebernig develops the new fitness brand MYNEO based on a well-founded market, trend and target group analysis. The central idea that body and mind are inseparably connected with each other shapes the emotional brand story. From the naming to the entire brand appearance to the interior concept of the studio.


Brand strategy, identity design, naming, website, interior architecture