Michel Schneider

Identity Design, Packaging

The new soul of the Palatinate



Michel Schneider has stood for great tradition and excellent wine quality since 1869 and is one of the most important wine lines of Zimmermann-Graeff&Müller. The family business in Zell an der Mosel is one of the leading wine cellars in Germany and Europe. The origin of the grapes of Michel Schneider Wines is in the Palatinate, one of the largest German wine-growing regions, where the special climate and the many sunny days of this region shape the typical grape varieties.


Rebernig accompanies the company in a comprehensive relaunch of the successful wine line. In an extensive redesign process, the success factors of Michel Schneider were worked out and made visible in a new brand image and a high-quality product design with elaborate embossing of the coat of arms and a high shelf effect. Since the relaunch, Michel Schneider has enjoyed excellent brand development with significant sales growth and is now one of the major successful brands in the food retail sector.


Brand strategy, identity design, packaging, display, relaunch, trade marketing, promotion