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In the heart of the Hessian Rhön biosphere reserve are the springs of Förstina-Sprudel mineral and medicinal spring. Förstina-Sprudel is one of the top 20 springs in Germany. The family-run company stands for richly mineralised mineral water of the highest quality and a wide range of spritzers and sweet drinks. Förstina-Sprudel is committed to sustainable business management as well as to the region and its people through the careful use of spring deposits and the conscious renunciation of disposable products.


Rebernig Brand Design has accompanied Förstina-Sprudel since 2001 and as lead agency is responsible for strategic brand management, the media sector and the entire brand appearance from product design to strategic sales promotion and promotion at the POS to the classic media campaign.


Brand strategy, identity design, campaign, packaging, technology

"Rebernig Brand Design has accompanied our company for more than 15 years now in the brand management of our brands. What I particularly like about this collaboration is the consistently high quality of brand consulting and design.

Peter Seufert / Head of Marketing Förstina-Sprudel