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Kitchen next level



Every year Germans spend more on their kitchens. Kitchen is the new status symbol of the Germans. For the "Foodies" generation, kitchens are the stage, the centre of the family, party locations and, above all, always an expression of their own personality. ioo provides an answer to precisely these consumer wishes. With unique kitchens, where each one is unique, which, enriched with its own materials and elements, always becomes part of a very personal story.


Can kitchens be more than just standard? ioo is the new idea of kitchen. Each one is unique. Away from any standard. The kitchen as an expression of its own character combines lifestyle and its own story. In keeping with the motto - Vintage your life - unique, personal details bring life and individuality to the kitchen. Rebernig is designing a completely new kitchen brand for the Europa Möbelverbund with ioo, which focuses on people and their individual living environment. It is oriented towards lifestyle groups, and is responsible for the entire brand presence. From the brand and name idea to consumer and dealer communication, magazines, mailings, brochures and classic advertising on 18/1 posters and in advertisements.


Brand development, naming, brand strategy, identity design, trade fair, retail, campaign, website

Kreative Küchenlust statt Massenware und Einheitsbrei: ioo ist die hochwertige Marke für Individualisten. Sie spricht eine kaufkräftige, anspruchsvolle Zielgruppe an. Durch ihren unverwechselbaren Auftritt macht sie Lust auf Küchen.