Küchen Preusser

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Technology

Kitchen. Heart. Work. 1884.



The story begins in 1884 in a small carpentry workshop in central Hessen. Cordiality, passion, enjoyment, down-to-earthness and a high standard of craftsmanship perfection have always been the basic values of the medium-sized family business, which is now in its 5th generation and is one of the top 100 kitchen houses in Germany. Due to massive competitive pressure, the owner family is looking for a new positioning and a new corporate image that will lead the great family history into the future with lasting success.


Kitchen, heart, work, 1884. The new positioning tells the whole story of the family business and its values in one sentence. Our idea behind it: Emotion instead of price war. In intensive workshops, we analyzed the values and success factors of the family business together with the management team and employees and realigned the company with a clear, strong corporate identity. In this way, we staged the family business on a new level with a unique corporate identity and focus on the family values, which are characterized by great tradition, warmth and emotion. Strategically and visually. The new image is visible in the newly designed, modern showroom, logo, new appearance and new website. Preusser is transforming itself from a kitchen studio into an experience space for lifestyle and enjoyment. And thus to a corporate brand that stands out from the entire competitive environment with great radiance and sets new regional standards.


We are delighted to receive the German Brand Award 2021 in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Design - Corporate Brand".


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