Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller

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International performance with glam factor



Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller, ZGM for short, in Zell an der Mosel, is one of the leading wineries in Germany. The broad ZGM range of German, European and New World wines is available almost everywhere in the German food trade and on the shelves of many other countries. With 279 employees, the company achieved a turnover of around 160 million euros in 2018 with total sales of approx. 100 million litres. The bottling volume amounts to approx. 500,000 litres daily.

Rebernig Brand Design is developing for ZGM a brand concept with international wine varieties that is unique on the market and targets the Generation Z target group. This is a young, female target group, which is extraordinarily keen to consume and still has little contact with wine, but which therefore has great potential worldwide.


The young female target group of Generation Z is looking for unique brand experiences with added value.
Reason enough to rethink wine: Allure. The new diva among wines. Uniquely luxurious. Stylish. A little sexy.
The glamorous brand appearance in a noble "diamond-cut" bottle with a high-quality refined mother-of-pearl effect label, positions Allure exclusively and with great emotional impact at the point of sale.
"Allure is a statement of pure joy of life. A charming enticement for all the senses that turns every moment into a glamorous catwalk. A wine with star allure that likes to be the centre of attention and is at home on the international stage. The little luxury that needs no occasion, but brings a lot of enjoyment, fun and the big performance. Exactly right for the consumer-happy female target group 20+", says Gerald Wüst, Marketing Director at ZGM.

With Allure, Rebernig conceived a unique, globally successful innovation concept for ZGM that is a pioneer for a new market segment with outstanding performance and added value.

Allure is a statement. Isn't everything else somehow just a wine?


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