Meiser Home of Living

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How design culture becomes tangible



Meiser Home of Living is a specialist in the conception, design and furnishing of unique rooms and for holistic interior concepts. Since 1917, Meiser has been a family-owned company that stands for international design culture with the highest level of planning and consulting expertise. With an exhibition area of 3500 square metres, Meiser is one of the leading stationary dealers in Germany and offers the entire spectrum of international designers for sophisticated home decor.


Rebernig Brand Design accompanies the company on the occasion of its hundredth anniversary with the repositioning of the corporate brand with a sharpened brand profile and new brand design, which makes the premium positioning not only visible but also tangible. In identity workshops, the strengths, values and vision of the company were worked out together with the management and teams of employees, and the market and target groups were analysed. The basis for the new brand strategy was also created, positioning Meiser Home of Living as a premium brand on the market and thus securing the company's long-term successful market position.


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Es geht nicht um Möbel. Es geht um Räume, die den Lebensstil von einzigartigen Persönlichkeiten reflektieren. Deshalb entwickelten wir nicht eine weitere Möbelhausmarke, sondern eine Marke, die für echte Werte sowie für Inspiration und Lebensstil steht. Um diesen Gedanken herum entstand ein 360-Grad-Markenauftritt, der Meiser Home of Living als Premiumplattform für internationaler Designkultur positioniert.