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Golden moments



For over 400 years, Original Danziger Goldwasser has been creating unforgettable pleasure experiences for people all over the world with genuine 22-carat gold leaf. A noble liqueur specialty that inspires and connects generations and is still produced in Danzig according to the original recipe. In many families, liqueur traditionally belonged to very special occasions. However, changing values and consumer habits over the years have caused the glamour of this special brand to fade and international spirits have become increasingly important. Original Danziger Goldwasser has been in the portfolio of Hardenberg-Wilthen AG since 1971. With its traditional distilling art, Hardenberg-Wilthen AG is one of the leading spirits producers in Germany. An extensive relaunch is to bring the full potential of this icon to a new light, opening up new target groups and international markets.


Modern, inspiring and glamorous. This is how we stage the brand Original Danziger Goldwasser strategically and visually through a new emotional brand world, which is uniquely positioned in the international competitive environment. Building on values such as family, tradition and generations, we are rewriting the history of the brand and creating a brand that connects generations and touches them deeply.


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