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Award-winning product of the year



Freixenet is the leader in the market for Spanish wines and cavas in Germany. To open up new target groups and product segments, a design thinking process is initiated and high-potential brand concepts are derived.


Rebernig moderates a comprehensive design thinking process for Freixenet Europe to develop new brand, target group and product potentials and to align the brand for the future. One result of this is the product and brand concept Freixenet Legero, which Rebernig develops and realises: With its alcohol content of only 9% by volume, Freixenet Legero opens up a new market segment in German food retailing, targets a young, female, lifestyle-oriented target group and is thus precisely aligned with the latest consumer trends: Added value, additional benefits and carefree enjoyment. The product exceeds all expectations in its performance and is named Product of the Year as the most successful innovation.


Product of the year


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