September 19, 2019


Why Rebernig is #The Beyond Design Company. Interview with Alexandra Rebernig.

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Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

Rebernig does not see itself as a classic advertising agency, but calls itself "The Beyond Design Company". What exactly is it and what do customers get out of it? 3 questions to Alexandra Rebernig, Managing Director.

Why do you not see yourself as an advertising agency?

What defines us is our special idea of ​​design and our attitude. That makes us different. The term agency doesn‘t suit us. We are not agents, not service providers, we do not process or mediate. We design new solutions for the business and the success of our customers.

What is the idea behind „The Beyond Design Company“?

We are designers throughly. And we create a new level of brand. We are about much more than just making things “beautiful”. It is about using design to create sustainable brand values, to move companies and brands forward. We understand design as an optimal strategic tool that is far ahead of theory-based consulting methods.

What benefits does the customer derive from “Beyond Design”?

Our customers are very demanding. Regional, national and international companies and brands. All at a high level. They demand more than just the service of an advertising agency. They want partners who can help them with change and innovation. At eye level and with a passion for your business goals. And this is exactly how we see ourselves. That is what makes us special. And that is what every one of our team works for. Every day.

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