August 13, 2019


Who is Emil anyway? In 8 steps to the persona, Jessica Windt explains.


Jessica Windt
Client Service Director / Rebernig

How would Sören like that? Which problem can the product solve for Emil? Target group alone is no longer enough. If you want to successfully develop products and services, you have to go deeper. Take a closer look. And listen. So how do you find him - the person behind your target group? Jessica Windt explains how you can develop personas in 8 steps and give the target person a real face.

01 What is the everyday life of the persona?
The goal is to develop an understanding of how the product can simplify the life of the persona. What are the persona's everyday tasks? How do these activities take place?

02 What are the preferences and frustrations?
What are the persona's preferences in relation to a specific topic? And: What frustrations are associated with everyday behaviour?

03 What are the external conditions?
Under what external conditions does the persona want or need to use the product?

04 What is knowledge and experience?
What knowledge, skills and experience does the persona have?

05 How does the persona perceive your brand and how does she see herself?
How does the persona interact with the product? What does the persona enjoy and what is more or less annoying duty? Which goals does the persona have? How does the persona see itself? How does the persona want to be seen by others?

06 How does the environment shape the persona?
Which activities of the persona affect other people or products? On what or whom is the persona dependent? With which people, products, services does my persona come into contact? At what point does my persona no longer see through?

07 What are the socio-demographic criteria?
Add criteria like gender, age, income, profession, name. Visualize the persona with a photo of a real person.

08 Storytelling: What is the very personal story of the persona?
To arouse sympathy and empathy and to make it more memorable, tell a personal anecdote about the persona,

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