July 09, 2020

Topic, Trends

The crisis, its heroes and new visions


Luisa Kuschetzki
Client Service / Rebernig

A virus shakes the world and changes everything. The outbreak of Covid-19 plunged our world into a deep crisis that turned out to be a coping experience. Today we can already foresee which post-Corona scenarios are unlikely. Nevertheless, the virus has set in motion a change that will be felt in all areas. And can take us further – even if not at first sight.

The deep crisis Covid-19

"The situation is serious. Take it seriously too", were Angela Merkel's words in March on the Corona spread. The Chancellor should be right. The situation was serious, the uncertainty was great. It quickly became clear that the virus would also affect the strength, direction and significance of the megatrends. Even now some of these trend shifts are obvious.

Effects on the megatrends

The health and safety trends have received a significant boost. The megatrend globalization took on a special role through Corona: On the one hand, it was our globalized, networked world that made such a rapid spread of the virus possible in the first place, and on the other, Corona set in motion a completely new intensity of the glocalization subtrend. The play on words global and local means a return to regionalism and thus a precise adjustment of marketing strategies to the region of the target group. It is currently difficult to assess the impact of trends such as gender shift or knowledge culture.

Every crisis creates new heroes

Nurses and doctors were given a mindfulness like never before. It is not unlikely that this new attention will lead to a social shift that will continue to give these professions more gratitude and mindfulness in the future. At the same time, a culture of caution suddenly emerged that could last for years. Physical distance in public spaces currently seems unavoidable.

Scientists, too, were able to regain credibility and interpretative power in the Corona crisis. It became clear how important it is to have mediating, rational standpoints. And even after Corona, some of this will remain: Scientists are once again perceived as the counterpart to social emotionalization.

Ecology shift

The pictures of the smog-free continents from space impressed during the Corona crisis. This year, for the first time, human civilization will emit less CO₂. It seems that during the crisis we "practiced" how a more ecological world could look like. As a result, questions about the need for low-cost airlines, cruise ships or fattening farms, for example, will be asked even more frequently in the future, which will lead to a shift in the balance of power.

Next Level Society

A crisis is always a test from which experiences are derived which can bring about improvements. These experiences cause an evolutionary drift towards the Next Level Society. The Next Level Society develops new systems of care and provision out of what has been experienced and questions the social relationships between people and between people and nature. In this way, new innovations can emerge. The Next Level Society changes the lives and thus the ways of thinking and feelings of many people. A new epochal consciousness will develop.

New visions for companies and brands

The Chinese character for "crisis" is made up of the syllables "danger" and "opportunity". A beautiful thought that gives courage and spreads optimism.

With the corona crisis, the time has come to set the course. We find ourselves in a backward loop of renewal, actively forcing entrepreneurs to decide whether they want to return to the old status quo or turn the phase of confusion into new visions and dare to make a fresh start. For a long time, a new start, restructuring and reinvention was not as promising as it was after this crisis. Systematic thinking is needed to implement this new start successfully.

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