July 03, 2019


Storytelling - How to find the core story of your company. Jessica Windt shows how.


Jessica Windt
Client Service Manager / Rebernig

It is proven: Our brain thinks in stories. And: Customers don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Most companies answer the most important question, but not the why. Jessica Windt shows how companies can find their unique core story and track down the stories that inspire consumers.

Our brain loves stories
Thanks to the findings of neuroscience, we no longer use storytelling only intuitively. Storytelling can and should be used specifically for success in business. More than that - it has become the elementary touchpoint of brands, which gets closer to the consumer than any other medium.

In his book Brain View, neuroscientist Hans Georg Häusel explains in a very practical way how to use the findings of neuroscience for marketing. In addition to the need for security and harmony and the urge for status and power, the desire for fun, excitement and play are among the most important human needs. A good story must therefore inform, entertain and touch people emotionally.

Stories also support our memory. Our brain does not store isolated facts and figures, but information that is networked into stories.

Find the why
For your company's core story, start with the why. Your Core Story is by far the most important story of your company and answers the question of your initial motivation:

01 Mission
What is your and your company's mission?

02 Motivation
What do you believe in? What is your belief, your drive that gets you up in the morning?

03 Vision
What ideal are you pursuing, what do you want to achieve with your company? It should be a set of values that wants to change something that goes beyond your own interests. This basic motivation, the why should, no - must be at the centre of every corporate communication, even of every corporate identity.

Create emotion
Only when the why is answered can people dock emotionally. Only then can potential customers become real customers and become loyal fans of a company or brand. This is how your company becomes a sharply contoured brand with a clear profile. Internally and externally.

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