September 06, 2019

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Retail 2.0 - 5 trends as an opportunity for the retail of tomorrow.


Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

Digital change is changing everything. The paradox: never before has the human being been so central as today. Retail is becoming a new medium. Away from the retail floor and towards storytelling. For an emotional experience perfectly aligned with the emotional systems of the target groups. Experience per square metre will determine the productivity of floor space in the future. Retail will become the third place.

Megatrends are changing the retail industry
Megatrends are the drivers of change. They change society and the economy in the long term. They are therefore equally the basis for the trends in retail.

New Work
Work-Life-Blending. Networking. Creative economy instead of meritocracy.
Change in trade from within. Focus on the development of the potential of each individual person.

Awareness for sustainable consumption. Thinking in cycles. Recycling, upcycling as a topic for leisure and handicraft.

Shopping in real time. Lifestyle Service. Last mile delivery. People expect offers that suit their mobile lifestyle and individual needs.

Made to Measure. Curated shopping. Mass consumption was yesterday. Maximum individualisation and simplification will characterise retail in the future.

Hyper-personalized address. Omnichanneling. Augmented reality. AI changes all dimensions of commerce. And at the same time creates a completely new level of personalization: the focus is on people.

Gene Z
The customer of tomorrow. Us instead of me. Community. responsibility. Values. Appreciate authenticity. The real thing. Consuming experiences instead of products.


The top 5 retail trends that will shape tomorrow's retail.
10 years ago, digitalisation changed all the signs for the retail world. Should this be the end of stationary trade? Will our inner cities die out? None of this has happened. Because: online and offline - both worlds have their right to exist. And when combined, both become an unbeatable shopping experience: multi-channeling, omni-channeling, mobile commerce.

01 Instant Shopping
Quick availability. Everywhere. At any time. Impatience as a new trading currency. Merging of distribution channels. Smart, mobile, service-oriented offers. From point of sale to point of situation.

02 Experience Stores
The stationary trade as a new medium. As a third place. First experience. Then product.
Storytelling for all senses. Experience per square metre will determine the productivity of floor space in the future.

03 Event Shopping
Buy as event. More than bargain hunting and discount wars. Experience against price spiral.

04 Cashfree Retail
Payment without cash or card. Whether app, fingerprint or wearable: Instant Paying as part of the brand experience.

05 Ecosystems
From retailer to marketplace. Putting the customer at the centre. Their habits, needs, lifestyles. Smart cooperations are becoming future models for retail.

Source: zukunftsinstitut.

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