August 12, 2020


New in the team // Joeline Wirth

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Joeline Wirth
Media design / Rebernig Brand Design

We are happy to welcome another member to the Rebernig Brand Design team: our trainee Joeline Wirth. After successfully passing her A-levels Joeline is now starting her apprenticeship as media designer Digital & Print.

5 questions to Joeline Wirth,
Trainee media design in the 1st year of training

How did you get to know Rebernig Brand Design?
I became aware of the Design Company through a press article. After I was invited by Alexandra to an interview, I was accepted for a two-week internship. During this internship I got to know the company and the various tasks of a media designer better. In a second internship I expanded my impressions and got a better overview.

How did you come up with the idea of not going to university after graduating from high school, but to do an apprenticeship as a media designer?
I liked the construct of a dual education, that I can combine theory and practice, very much. I am entering professional life directly and am gaining important experience with customers. I also think it's great to be part of a team.

Why did you choose Rebernig Brand Design as your instructor?
Rebernig Brand Design has clients from very different industries, which makes the work on the projects so varied. The Design Company gives you the opportunity to work on real projects during your training and to contribute your own ideas.

What do you find particularly exciting about media design?
Media design encompasses a large field of creative work. Designing different media, from a brochure and poster to a website and advertising video, makes it so varied. I especially like the fact that after finishing a design you can see what you have created.

What should your future look like? Where do you want to be in 10 years?
My next bigger goal is of course to finish my training as a media designer. After that I would like to continue to develop myself and face new challenges. Especially in these times it is important not to stand still. Both professionally and personally I want to grow.

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