September 02, 2019


Mission and vision as strategic management tools. Jessica Windt explains how.

Jessica Windt

Jessica Windt
Client Service Manager / Rebernig

Visions and missions are important factors in corporate communication. But what exactly is the difference? Both are often mixed and often remain unclear. Jessica Windt explains the most important tips.

A clear mission and a convincing vision are more important today than ever before. They are the basic factors for the path to a successful future. But: What exactly is my company‘s mission now? And how do you get a concrete picture of the future and thus a model?

01 The Vision
Where do we want to go? What is our goal? The vision describes a scenario in the future. Formulate the vision in your own words, in simple sentences. For example, make the vision sound like science fiction or like the plot of a movie. Free yourself from sterile business or marketing language. And be brief. Let yourself be inspired by the 12 megatrends, which are the greatest drivers of change and thus shape the future.

One A4 page should be enough to express your vision. Always in focus: your business model, your brand or your organization. This is not about a formal set of rules, but about the personality of your company. And this personality has to be the focus here.

The vision has the task of aligning the entire organization with a common image, with a common goal. The vision is therefore one of the most important management tools for corporate management.

02 The Mission
How do we get to our goal? Your organization‘s mission is now to turn your vision into reality: the mission. It defines how and what to do in order to bring the vision to life and achieve the goal.

To do this, formulate five to six sentences. Goal-oriented, to the point. Short and simple. The mission formulates guiding principles that provide orientation for the company and its employees and ensure that the goal can be achieved.

Vision and mission are not only the centerpiece of your positioning with an impact on the outside, but above all also with an impact on the inside and is therefore an essential component of your Internal Branding.

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