July 08, 2020

Topic, Trends

Megatrends and the Corona Effect


Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

What does Corona change? What moves people, markets and society? How do industries change? And what will our future look like? Megatrends move every single person. In times of crisis more than ever. Now our essential needs are coming to the fore: the search for security, the need for proximity, the longing for nature. Wishes and currents that we find reflected in the megatrends and that will become the basis of brand management in the future.

What are megatrends actually?

The four characteristics of megatrends are their duration, ubiquity, globality and complexity. They can be identified and defined based on these. Megatrends have a duration of several decades and affect all areas of life. They are also global phenomena that are not equally pronounced in all areas, but which sooner or later can be observed all over the world. Their final characteristic of complexity is their multiplicity and multi-layered nature. Megatrends are influenced by the crisis, but are not fundamentally changed. Brands that anchor megatrends in themselves and provide answers to essential needs will be the winners of the crisis.

How are megatrends created?

The origin of trends can seldom be answered clearly. The task of trend researchers and futurologists is to observe various social, cultural and economic developments and to identify social patterns, for example. If you want to work on the future, this requires an attitude of openness. Megatrends can open up new spaces for thinking and thus help companies to become more innovative and creative and provide clear answers to target group needs. The decisive step is to apply the megatrend system to your own company and to recognize the effects that certain megatrends have on your own organization.

What are the relevant megatrends in the crisis?

Currently, 12 major megatrends are being defined. However, the ZukunftsInstitut focuses on the 6 megatrends health, individualisation, security, connectivity, neo-ecology and globalisation for the next few years. The crisis is particularly noticeable as a direct effect in the thematic environment of these megatrends, and they are changing our behaviour and our needs in a sustainable manner.

What role do megatrends play in strategic brand development?

As a "Future Circle Member" and cooperation partner of the Zukunftsinstitut, we know the current developments in trend and future research. These insights form the basis for the successful strategic orientation and positioning of brands and companies in the BrandLab.

In the coming weeks, we will present the most relevant megatrends and what can be derived from them for the development and management of brands.

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