September 09, 2019


How the training as a media designer at Rebernig feels like. Interview with Jennifer Steuernagel.

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Jennifer Steuernagel
Media designer / Rebernig

As an owner-managed design company, the promotion and training of young talents has always been close to our heart. For 15 years we have been training in the departments of media design and commercial marketing communication. Especially in our region, we offer a particularly exciting apprenticeship with great future potential.

4 questions to Jennifer Steuernagel,
2nd year media design trainee

How did you come up with the idea of not going to university after graduating from high school, but to do an apprenticeship as a media designer?
During my internship at Rebernig Brand Design directly after graduating from high school, I realized that I particularly enjoyed working on real projects and having contact with customers. During the training you learn from the ground up how design works, not only theoretically but also practically. All relevant design programs and techniques that are necessary are taken into account. In addition, I have been able to learn a lot from the very beginning through the different projects and the input of the team. At the same time, you acquire skills such as time and project management and the right way to deal with customers. It's different with a degree course.

How exactly does the training at Rebernig Brand Design work?
Right from the start, as a trainee here you are involved in real customer projects and have the chance to contribute and implement your own ideas and visions. You are involved in the entire design process and accompany the projects from start to finish. The customers and projects are very different and so you get to know the complete spectrum of media design, from conception and consulting, to design digital and print, to workshops and shootings with customers in-house or on site. You will always be supported by the whole team.

What do you particularly like about the training?
We are a design company with clients from different industries and with different wishes and ideas. No two projects are alike and that's what makes it so exciting. I gain a lot of experience which helps me to develop my creative process and my skills. My tasks are very varied, creative, versatile, exciting, challenging and no day is the same. I also particularly appreciate the fact that we are a small company. This is more personal, I am given a lot of responsibility during my training, I complete my tasks independently and communicate with our clients myself.

What would you like to do after your training? What should your future look like?
I would definitely like to develop further and expand my skills. Already during my apprenticeship I focused on conception and visualization and would like to expand my knowledge especially in this area. I never want to stand still and always develop further, which will certainly be exciting, especially in view of what we can expect in the digital department in the coming years.

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