July 28, 2020


How the internship at Rebernig Brand Design feels like

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Luisa Kuschetzki
Client Service / Rebernig

As Beyond Design Company it is very important to us to support young talents. That's why we have been offering a wide range of internships for years. Whether it's a gap year or a study-accompanying internship - we are always pleased to be able to give the next generation an insight into our work.

After high school graduation, a stay abroad with an internship in Vancouver and successful completion of her bachelor's degree in economics at Frankfurt's Goethe University, our intern Luisa is looking forward to her new experience at Rebernig Brand Design. From October 2020 Luisa will start her master studies in Bad Homburg.

4 questions to Luisa Kuschetzki,
Trainee in Client Service and Project Management

How did you get the idea to do an internship at Rebernig Brand Design after your bachelor's degree?
I completed a very theoretical bachelor's degree at Frankfurt's Goethe University, which was characterized by numbers and formulas throughout. This gave me a good toolbox, but I lack the creative part and practical relevance. It was my wish to get an insight into real projects, far away from the theory and the many numbers, through an internship in marketing between my bachelor and master studies. I am very happy to fulfil this wish with an internship at Rebernig.

How exactly does the internship at Rebernig Brand Design work?
Already on my first day I was able to work independently and already have my own projects for which I am responsible. My colleagues give me many insights into the projects and involve me at any time. I have never spent a single day during my internship watching others at work. I can always contribute my own ideas, ask questions and acquire new knowledge.

What do you particularly like about your internship?
Rebernig Brand Design is not a classic marketing agency. Here, people think ahead, things are looked at from new angles and you're constantly dealing with the latest trends. I really like that. I really enjoy working on different projects. In marketing departments you deal with marketing for one and the same company on a daily basis. That's completely different at Rebernig. You always have to put yourself in the shoes of new industries, new brands and new customers and work your way in. That makes it very exciting and versatile.

What are your plans after your internship? What should your future look like?
I am looking forward to starting my master's degree in marketing in October. For the second part of my studies I have deliberately chosen a university from which I expect a greater practical relevance. I would like to remain loyal to marketing after my studies and continue to develop myself, get to know new industries and many new projects. It remains exciting to see where my path takes me.

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