November 07, 2019


Future Circle Member. Alexandra Rebernig is now a member of a group of leading trend experts.


Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

We bring the future to your company. And create a new lead for you. As Future Circle Member and partner of the Future Institute, we know the trends that will change brands, markets, business models and target groups. In the future, our customers will benefit from our expertise and the latest findings of current trend research.

How are the economy and society changing? What are the major drivers of global progress and innovation? What are the opportunities and potential, but also the challenges for the coming years? Our mission is to advise our customers in a future-oriented way, to change perspectives, to recognize and inspire new potentials. As a Future Circle Member, we will now expand this expertise even further in order to actively align our customers, brands and companies with upcoming changes in business and society. For this we are in close contact with 800 brand and future experts, strategists, forward thinkers and leading trend researchers.

A new type of worktool will make our BrandLab workshops even more effective and creative. The interactive megatrend map shows global change processes in business and society, how these trends relate to each other and how subtrends fit into this complex system. It allows to dive interactively into the individual topics and to recognize the different dimensions, facets and trend aspects. An inspiring basic tool for innovation processes, strategy development and an optimal basis for strategic brand or company decisions.

As a Future Circle Member, we bring new perspectives and future to your company. We create fascinating insights for you into the economy and society of the coming decades, based on analyses and findings from trend and future research - as keynote speakers or consultants. Talk to us about how we can use future trends to realign your brand or your company. Contact us.