August 26, 2019


Everything is changing. How do brands and companies manage digital change?


Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

Everything changes. Everything in motion. Everything is changing. The question of identity and one‘s own transformation has never been so fundamental. For companies as for brands. But how do you create change? Alexandra Rebernig explains why identity will be the central management tool for companies and brands in the future.

Markets and target groups are changing. The only thing that needs to be done to change the brand or to redesign it is like a new surface coating without new substance. Change can only come from the deepest inside. From the identity of a brand or a company. The identity is not the guidelines that dust in the desk containers, not the manifest at the reception. Identity is how a company feels and which way it goes. Identity has never been more important as a central management tool for companies.

Change needs depth. And substance. Identity is the inner value of a company. And the big why?

It is the strategy, the history, the competence, the structure, the culture, the values, the corporate purpose, the employees. All of them. Identity must be tangible in all the company‘s joints: who embodies the company‘s vision? How do you deal with new ideas from employees? How about customers who are not satisfied? How are you received?

One thing is clear: only those who start with identity can shape change. And is not designed by it. The faster you implement changes in design, the greater the impact. Inside and outside.

Change has never been so fast. We have no time to lose. And today we therefore have to go far beyond the theoretical methods of classic management consultants. With the BrandLab, we have developed a framework that can be used to successfully manage change. In an intensive process of creative consulting and in-depth workshops, the BrandLab changes perspectives and helps companies to recognize their potential and develop them into unique strengths.

What is created is a new level of identity. Together with our customers we find the "why?", The individual brand attitude, their goals and driving forces. Only when the identity is clear do we start the exciting process of design. This is how change succeeds. And so it becomes a success for companies and brands.

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