August 28, 2019


Customer Experience 2025. From stationary retail to brand experience space: the "3rd place".


Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

Why should I go to a store instead of shopping online from the comfort of my home? The boundaries between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred. Although the day has 24 hours just like before, it has to be filled with many more tasks. Personal time is becoming increasingly scarce, a non-renewable resource with which we have to budget. You can either save it - by shopping online. Or you can spend it deliberately: when shopping as an experience. Stationary retail must reinvent itself. Rethinking. Change. Storytelling and experience are becoming the new success factors for stationary retail.

Stage the "Third Place".
Dear retailer, you have an advantage that is ahead of any online shop. Stationary trade has become the new medium. A medium that can offer a unique shopping experience for all senses. So create experience and fascination. Create emotional brand spaces, living spaces in which the shopper temporarily feels at home. Which reflect their personality. Change your spaces and create an environment that becomes a social meeting place. A place where personalized experiences can be found out, entertainment, interactive service, restaurants, enjoyment. Think first in experience, then in shelf meters. Because that's the way your customer thinks too.

The new customer is looking for new added value.
Growing up digitally and with completely different values and lifestyle than your parents: The Millennials (born between 1984 and 1993) and Generation Z (born after 1993) are your customers today and in the future. They turn everything upside down. They expect more: personalized products and services, authenticity, sustainability. They are able to search and shop more products online within minutes than previous generations were able to in several days. Immediately, cross-media, individually and tailor-made. These are the simple expectations of the new target group. So why shop in stationary retail? The search for experience is the great opportunity for stationary trade. No more and no less. Dovetail digital experiences with physical ones and create added value for the customer. Think stationary and digitally integrated.

This is how you create the third place in 6 steps:

  1. Turn your space into a brand experience space. Attract the customer's attention from the outside. Animate your customers to enter this world.
  2. Inspire them to take a staged walk. On this walk, the customer is presented with products that they would otherwise not have noticed or bought. Create an atmosphere of strolling, full of surprise and inspiration.
  3. Develop a concept line. A red thread that connects different themes and departments of a room and creates the perception of a whole.
  4. The perfect third place has a main attraction that once again arouses the curiosity of the customer as a highlight.
  5. Create a feel-good atmosphere that transports you into a fascinating world, creates relaxation from everyday life and increases the length of stay through experiences and offers of stay.
  6. The third place tells a story. Storytelling that picks up the customer in his very personal world of life and emotions.

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