August 11, 2020

Topic, Trends

Brands next level. What makes brands strong in the future.


Luisa Kuschetzki
Client Service / Rebernig Brand Design

In our uncertain and networked world - currently marked by the Corona crisis - brands are becoming agents of change, transforming brands. Social concerns are made tangible and appreciable through them. Transforming Brands create new communities in which common identities are created. Consumers are looking for brands with which they can identify and which appear credible. Tomorrow's brands focus more than ever on values and shared identities. They give consumers points of orientation in our complex world and assume responsibility for our society and the world we live in. But what makes brands particularly attractive? How do they become the brands of tomorrow?

The ZukunftsInstitut summarises four main theses as consequences.

1 Transforming Brands: Brands as shapers of change
In the future, the central question to be answered is which potentials and which concrete social effects a brand can unfold. Brands will help shape the changing world and thus the future. This requires a clear definition of one's own vision, a systematic understanding of social change processes and an open-mindedness towards new collaborations.

2 Beyond Purpose: Living Responsibility
In the so-called economy of meaning, brand and company merge with each other. In order to actively shape change, tomorrow's brands must go far beyond the mere fulfillment of purpose. To do so, they should actively respond to the consumption needs of consumers and face ecological challenges.

3 We: The new brand currency
The megatrends connectivity and individualisation are developing into a new "we" society. This is precisely the step that brands must also take and change their focus from "I" to "we". Transforming Brands can make this leap by binding consumers in communities and other societies that enable exchange, thus creating a new connection between brand and people.

4 Emotion: Technology becomes empathetic
In our complex world, customer needs are much more than what we can track and measure using big data and algorithms. Transforming Brands are looking for new ways in which technology can help to unlock resonance potential and optimize brand management.

Our time is determined by limitations and perceived standstill. But it is also a time that forces us to rethink and restart. As a brand manager, you must look to the future with optimism. Develop new strengths, become better, become more relevant than ever before. And this is exactly where the opportunity for successful further development and transformation of your brand lies. We would be happy to support you in the transformation of your brand. Let us set off for new goals. Let us make your brand strong for the future together. Contact us.