September 20, 2019


BrandLab - 3 steps to a strong brand.


Alexandra Rebernig
Managing Director / Rebernig

There has never been so much change. It has never been so exciting. It has never been so important to set the right course. For more than 20 years Rebernig has been an impulse generator and consultant for companies that want to recognise and activate their potential. With the BrandLab, we have developed a model that helps brands and companies successfully align themselves with the rapidly changing market.

Our BrandLab model enables brands to be viewed holistically. In strategy, positioning and design. Together we explore and define these three interconnected levels that make your brand unique. In doing so, we strengthen the brand core, while at the same time creating flexibility for the evolution of your brand in the face of ever-changing requirements.

In order to be able to classify the brand sensibly, we look at target groups, trends and market dynamics with regard to the competition.

Megatrends show the big changes in society and economy. Megatrends are diverse, complex and networked. We present the trends that will have special significance for your company or your brand in the near future. The megatrends are one of the central tools of the BrandLab.

User Centered: We put people and their real needs and desires at the center of your brand. This is the only way we can create credible and relevant brands. Because the demands on brands have shifted with digitization: self-portrayal of brands was yesterday, user experience is today and tomorrow. Together we develop detailed persona models that make needs, living environments, emotions, motifs and desires visible and match them with scientifically-based knowledge of neuromarketing.

Who is changing the market and how? To know who you want to be, you first need to know who is involved. We analyze your market qualitatively and quantitatively and find out what the requirements of the market are for your company or your brand.

Market dynamic
How is your market changing? Where will we be in 10 years? What do the target groups expect from your brand tomorrow? We look at your market, the market drivers and changes in detail and develop the basis for innovations together with you.

Together, we examine and define the core factors that make up your brand and for which your brand will stand in the future.

We work out your core competencies together. To do this, we examine your product and your portfolio and give impulses for a market-oriented structuring and optimization.

What is the rational use of your brand? And what emotional benefit? Together we will find out what makes your brand really relevant by comparing it with the previously defined personas. Especially in the B2B area, there is a great potential in recognizing the emotional benefits and activating them for the brand orientation.

Personality & Key Values
Which image of your brand should appear in the head of the target group? What culture does it stand for? The personality and values ​​of your brand define what the brand stands for, what it believes in and what culture it lives in. Together we will develop a strong profile that supports your brand in the long term.

Brand Purpose
Together we will figure out the "why?". Your brand. Brand motivation answers the question of why the brand exists and what it strives for. With the Brand Purpose we get to the point of your brand identity and reason for being in a concise and clearly formulated sentence.

The exciting view: In positioning we bring together the results of the market and identity model and create the DNA for a strong brand.

Consumer insight
Based on positioning models from neuromarketing, we match the identity of your brand with the wishes of the target group.

Brand story
Brand is storytelling. We find the story that makes your brand emotional and unique and becomes the foundation of your future market success. We retell the story of your brand.

Brand design
Design makes identity and strategies visible and tangible. We develop the appearance and perception of your brand in all dimensions. Always in focus: the market success of your brand.

Brand experience
We create brand experiences with emotional power along the entire customer journey that transport and activate the brand message.

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