August 12, 2019


Added value design. 4 dimensions that make brands successful. Diana Jandl explains.

Diana Jandl

Diana Jandl
Creative Director / Rebernig

What is actually good design? Good design is more than just a beautiful design. It is about advancing brands and business. A recent McKinsey study now shows the value of design for business success. Companies that use design as part of their corporate strategy increase sales and returns by 32% on average. This is what the "Business Value of Design" study by McKinsey says. Diana Jandl explains the factors that matter.

Design makes brands valuable
So now they exist. A study of what we've always known. These results make the heart of every brand designer beat faster: design is the decisive growth engine for the value of a brand. Companies with outstanding design achieve twice as fast growth in sales and returns. On average, companies that use design as part of their corporate strategy increase sales and profits by a full 32%. This is the result of the "Business Value of Design" study by McKinsey. The study shows: design and business success are directly related. No matter whether product, experience or service design. From private customer business to medical products and consumer goods.

The four relevant design dimensions

01 Design is more than a feeling
Design is a central management topic and strategic tool for the entire company management.

02 Design is more than a department
Design is talent that works across functions. Top companies make design and user experience the task of all employees and not a silo function in marketing.

03 Design is more than "once short"
Design is a continuous process of development. Design is never finished. It must change and evolve, be adapted to new requirements. Then it starts to live.

04 Design is more than a product or a logo
Design is user experience on all touchpoints. Top companies are breaking down the walls between physical, digital and service design. In all cases: successful design always follows a clear strategy. Design is a source of innovation and turns ideas into successful business.

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